Adirondack Arts : A Place to Dream

Join us in Lake Placid for a three-day exploration of Adirondack cultural heritage. September 7-9, 2012

Featuring exhibits, lectures, dramatic readings, music, film, and more!

Experts and practitioners from the Adirondack Museum, the Adirondack Center for Writing, the Adirondack Film Society, and the Adirondack Photography Institute will consider the North Country's inspirational role in iconic art in all its manifestations.

On Sunday, in acknowledgment of the important cultural and spiritual contributions of native peoples in our region, attendees will learn about the native peoples and the special qualities they attached to the mountains, lakes and rivers. 

Come seek your own Adirondack muse at The Adirondacks: A Place to Dream.

Friday, Sept 7 -- LPCA

• 6:30 PM   Opening Reception

• 7:30 PM  Keynote Speaker, Environmental Philosopher MARIANNE PATINELLI-DUBAY, will share her views on the "subtle and often implicit" influences of the Adirondack cultural, spiritual and physical landscape on art and artists in the region.

Saturday, Sept. 8 -- High Peaks Resort

• 8:45 AM - Exhibits Open: Arts and Cultural Organizations from throughout the Adirondacks will share their mission and current programs. Organizations represented include (but are not limited to) Camp Sagamore, Fort Ticonderoga, Lake Placid Sinfonietta and The View Arts Center in Old Forge.

• 9:00 AM – 10:30 A Place to Paint: CAROLINE WELSH of the Adirondack Museum on Painting. Her presentation will explore how artists from the 1800s to the 21st century perceived, valued, and pictured Adirondack wilderness.

• 10:30 AM  Coffee Break

• 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM A Place to Photograph: Photographs have played many roles in the history of the Adirondacks, from documenting the Park's features to preserving family memories to standing alone as works of art. Profound changes in technology have altered the way photographs are created, as well as the way they are utilized and enjoyed. Adirondack Photography Institute photographers MARK BOWIE and JOHN RADIGAN join with emerging artist SHELBY MCGILL for a look at where we've been and where the future lies for photography in the Adirondacks.

• 12:30 PM  Lunch

• 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM A Place to Write: Adirondack writers have been pivotal in developing our sense of place and regional identity. To showcase that legacy, the Adirondack Center For Writing has arranged for a series of dramatic readings and tellings of iconic Adirondack Literature. DR RICH FROST in the persona of Orson Phelps, our Adirondack literary guide, will discuss the writers that make up our canon. JEANNINE LAVERTY will give dramatic tellings of the poetry of Jeanne Robert Foster. Actor BOB PETTEE, will do dramatic readings of "How I Killed a Bear" and selections from Russell Banks.

• 3:00 PM  Coffee and Cokes

• 3:30 PM  Recap and Discussion, MARIANNE PATINELLI-DUBAY

• 4:30 PM  Exhibits Close

• 6:00 PM  A Place to Film: Palace Theater  Film, "The Flapper." NELSON PAGE, Vice-Chair of the Adirondack Film Society, will introduce "The Flapper," a 1920 silent film accompanied by organist JEFF BARKER at the Palace Theater. KATHLEEN CARROLL, the Adirondack Film Society's Artistic Director, will discuss filmmaking in the Adirondacks.

• 8:00 PM  Dinner for Presenters, and open to Attendees

• 9:15 PM  Music and Story Telling by TOM AKSTENS who will perform several of his pieces, share stories, do some show-and-tell, and play some tunes on the banjo and guitar.

Sunday, Sept. 9 -- Adirondack Community Church
• 10:00 AM  Church   A tribute to the Early People, JOHN MARTIN, KAY OLAN. A creation story and thanks-giving address of the Mohawk peoples


TOM AKSTENS has been a fly fishing guide, writer, musician, photographer and gardener.  Among his many articles for Adirondack Life, his “A Season on the Ausable” and “Bridges” chronicle the life of the river and its people, and his "The Headstone Tells it All" won a major award. Tom has recorded two albums along with Neil Rossi -- a mix of old-time string band music, roadhouse tear-jerkers, country blues and ragtime, original songs and back-porch humor from two guys that Sarah Craig of Caffe Lena has called "masters of their craft."

MARK BOWIE is a third generation Adirondack photographer, an outdoors writer, nature and digital photography workshop leader, and an avid paddler. He’s a frequent contributor to Adirondack Life and Adirondack Explorer magazines. His work has been published nationally in Natural History, and by the Sierra Club, Conde Nast Publications, Portal Publications, Tehabi Books and other publishers. He has produced several multi-media shows on the Adirondacks. He is the author of the award-winning coffee table book, Adirondack Waters: Spirit of the Mountains.

RICH FROST has given presentations in the persona of Orson “Mountain” Phelps since finding how closely Charles Dudley Warner’s description of the famed nineteenth century Adirondack guide matched his own. Over the years he has written his travel column “A Day Away,” first for The Chronicle in Glens Falls, and then for over two decades in The Press Republican, Plattsburgh’s daily newspaper. He is the author of four books on regional travel and history, most recently One Foot Forward: Walks in Upstate New York, and Hotel Champlain to Clinton Community College: A Chronicle of Bluff Point. In addition, he has practiced internal medicine in the foothills of the Adirondacks since 1979.

JEANNINE LAVERTY has been telling international folk tales since 1979 when she worked teaching English as a Second Language to immigrants in New York City. Her performances and workshops for children have been awarded funding from the New York State Council on the Arts, the New York Foundation for the Arts and the National Institute for the Humanities. Jeannine performs for adults and high school students as part of the storytelling ensemble, SweetLand Storytellers, known especially for its program, "Voices from the Vietnam War." In recognition of her long-term commitment to the art of storytelling, she was awarded the 1999 Northeast Region Award for Leadership from the National Storytelling Network.

SHELBY MCGILL is a budding artist and photographer. She loves art and photography because they allow us to share our favorite moments, places, and thoughts with others we may never even meet, expressing our emotions without ever saying a word. After high school Shelby plans to meet some other artists and really kick start her art before venturing off to college.

MARIANNE PATINELLI-DUBAY is an environmental philosopher with the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry's Northern Forest Institute. She teaches college seminars in a range of topics, applied ethics workshops for professionals, philosophy for children in the primary and secondary schools and seminars in ethics and morality designed for prisoner populations in the Adirondacks. 

BOB PETTEE is an actor and the founder and Managing Director of the Pendragon Theater in Saranac Lake

JOHN RADIGAN is a freelance professional photographer specializing in intimate images of nature. His award-winning work has appeared in calendars and publications such as Adirondack Life magazine, the Adirondack Life calendar and Art Business News. He is currently working on his upcoming book, Beat of an Adirondack Heart. John is founder and Director of the Adirondack Photography Institute.

CAROLINE M. WELSH is Director Emerita of the Adirondack Museum.  She is an art historian and a specialist in museum exhibits and collections management. As a museum curator she has produced innumerable exhibits and has lectured and published widely on the subject of Adirondack art and artists.